Frequently Asked Questions

What is Puregold Rewards?
Puregold Rewards is Puregold’s latest initiative to interact and be more with its loyal customers. The app focuses on rewards, promotions, and access to exclusive deals. Of course, it is FREE!
How can I link my Perks or Tindahan ni Aling Puring card in my Puregold Rewards account?
You can link your Perks or Tindahan ni Aling Puring card by updating your profile. You can update it by clicking your name at the upper right portion of the screen. Make sure that your card details are registered correctly.
Rewards - Balance
Points shown in the app are updated every 15th and 30th of the month.
Can you redeem your current points by just showing the app at the counter?
No. Strictly no physical card, no redemption of points. Points redemption via app is not yet available.
Can I register my Perks or TNAP card in multiple Puregold Rewards accounts?
No. 1 Puregold Rewards account = 1 TNAP or 1 Perks card account only.
Perks Card Expiry
Once you renew your Perks card, simply update your profile with the new card details.
How to Use SnaPanalo?
Just open the SnaPanalo camera feature, point at the featured item and click the gift logo. You can get your SnaPanalo coupon right after watching the short ad.

You can check the latest SnaPanalo promotions in Snap & Grab tab under Coupons.
How many times can I use a certain coupon?
1 coupon = 1 redemption. You can multiply your coupon by trying the best of your luck in Spinuwerte. You can check the coupons available to use at Saved Coupons. Coupons will automatically be deleted after use.
How many times can I spin for Spinuwerte?
Get a chance to double or triple your existing coupons daily! Reset time is 00:00.
How many times can I play Scratch & Win?
Test your luck! Get a chance to win exclusive coupons every day!